Our Little Monkey… Baby #1


I had just started working a new job at our church & had worked for two weeks… when I found out I was pregnant again.  This time we had insurance so we were going to go to a doctor.  In the weeks before the first appointment I started coughing.  I wasn’t sick, just coughing.

At 9 weeks, I experienced the same symptoms i had experienced with our first baby… all my pregnancy signs went away – no more morning sickness, no more sleepiness… I got really scared.  I went to the doc & he did an ultrasound & found the baby & the heartbeat.  I was relieved.  However, over the course of the first trimester he just kept prescribing medications for the cough that the pharmacists would say were not good for the baby.  On top of that, I was just not comfortable with the doctor.  So, I called Dayspring & made an appointment!  I was so relieved to be in the care of people I felt cared about me & my baby.  I later discovered that the cough was due to acid reflux from being pregnant!

All my care at Dayspring was so wonderful.  The massages were so relaxing (thanks Susie!), my doula (thanks Becky!) was a wonderful support, Inga was amazingly encouraging and supportive.  On top of that, I felt very supported & encouraged in my desire to have a natural drug-free pregnancy & birth.

I quit working as planned on November 7th which was the first day I really felt any Braxton Hicks contractions.  I didn’t think much of it since I was only 38 weeks.  Then on Saturday, I had the contractions all day.  Nothing was painful, so again I thought nothing of it.  I went to Costco, bought all the stuff I thought I’d need for a long labor (my mom took 26 hours with me), & on the way home, the car broke down.  So, Jesse & I stayed up Saturday night changing out the alternator!  I held the flashlight & he swapped out the bad alternator for a good one!  We went to bed at about 10pm.

I slept soundly that night until about 1:30am when I started to toss & turn.  I got up thinking I didn’t want to wake Jesse up.  I started myself a pot of hot cereal because I was so hungry & while waiting for that, I lay down on the couch to read my Bible when all of a sudden I felt a very painful “spasm” in my cervix.  Then, a gush of fluid!  My eyes popped open… I just laid there in shock for a couple minutes & then got up.  My eyes still wide open, I laid down on the bed next to Jesse trying to figure out how to tell him our little Monkey’s birthday was going to be today!  I gently pushed on his shoulder… in a sense I didn’t want to say it because I was so afraid that it was time… was I going to be able to do this?  Was the pain going to be too much for me?  How long would it take?  Finally I got up the courage (after a couple painful contractions) to wake Jesse up.  He asked me if I should call Becky.  I said I didn’t really want to call her now because it was probably going to take a long time & I might as well just wait until it wasn’t such an ungodly hour of the day.  Thirty minutes later I decided to call!  Becky said to give it a little time & to trust my instincts & call her if I wanted to come in.  I really wanted to stay at home as long as possible.  Again, 30 minutes later, I called her up & said I was coming in!  We met at Dayspring at 4:30am.  I started pushing at 5:45am.  One of my worst fears was being a “screamer”, so the first couple times I started to scream I would clap my hand over my mouth!  I think I even shouted out during a contraction that I was doing this without drugs… I remember Inga laughing!  Forty minutes later our little Monkey was born & as beautiful as ever!  She was a healthy, 7 pound 5 ounce little girl with the thickest dark black hair you’ve ever seen!  She was perfect.  She is perfect!

Our little Monkey is such a blessing.  I hung her picture on the wall next to Gabriel’s … our little growing family.

I have so much to thank God & the team at Dayspring for.  They supported me through the pain of our first pregnancy & were an amazing support & encouragement through this one.  Their calm professionalism at the birth kept me focused & confident.  I knew I could do it… just one more push… just one more push.  And then, the little Monkey was born!  I did it!  The feeling of accomplishment was so strong.  I felt like a stronger woman on the way home!  Oh, that reminds me… we went HOME at 11:30am – when our Monkey was just 5 hours old!  I got to go home!  That was a beautiful thing.  I couldn’t stop talking to Jesse on the way home about how beautiful our little girl was & how I couldn’t believe that I had done that!  Naturally… no drugs.  So many people along the way told me that I’d give in & ask for drugs.  I’m so thankful that I pushed through the pain & did what was best for my baby.

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My passion is natural living, cleaning, teaching, being. I hope you'll join me as I discover new things and pursue the best in whatever life throws at me. Most of what I post will be homeschool related as that is my focus now and in the years to come, but I have posted and will probably post more about cloth diapering, natural foods, and clean living as well. Enjoy and I hope you find something useful here. :)

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