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Safe Kids & Moral Dilemmas


All of us want to keep our kids safe… all of us know in the back of our minds the potential threats to children in our world… but do all of us know how to prepare our kids to stay safe in this world?

When a friend posted recently that her kids had potentially been “tagged” at a Costco by potential abductors my “Mama Bear” instincts started causing stomach upset and emotional distress for days.  I talked to some trusted people about it, and was reminded of the idea to”role play” or imagine scenarios with our kids.  One even said, “Make it a game.”

So… being the “non-spontaneous” type, I knew I would struggle to come up with scenarios off the cuff.  So, I took her literally… and made a game!  It’s not all “Stranger Danger” scenarios, and it’s not all serious either, so as not to cause fear.  There are 48 unique cards in the deck including stranger danger topics, manners, kindness, obedience, and some thrown in just to lighten the mood.

Simply print this pdf for Scenario on card stock and cut out the cards.

I hope you enjoy and benefit!  Here are some sample cards from the game.


Find the pdf here