My passion is natural living, cleaning, teaching, being. I hope you’ll join me as I discover new things and pursue the best in whatever life throws at me. Most of what I post will be homeschool related as that is my focus now and in the years to come, but I have posted and will probably post more about cloth diapering, natural foods, and clean living as well.

My husband and I have four children all within 5 years of each other. We are busy homeschooling, homesteading, and homemaking and loving so much of it!

Enjoy and I hope you find something useful here. 🙂

Thanks for hanging out!

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  1. I am planning to use The Good and The Beautiful. Just curious what Math curriculum did you pair with this? Thanks!!

    • My kids are just ahead of The Good & the Beautiful math release 😦 I’ve been using MathUSee for 3 years so I’ll stick with that as it’s working well for all of mine.

    • I’ve also heard really good reviews about the Life of Fred math curriculum. I chose MUS, however, because it’s so much easier to find used so it fits in our budget better.

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