My passion is natural living, cleaning, teaching, being. I hope you’ll join me as I discover new things and pursue the best in whatever life throws at me. Most of what I post will be homeschool related as that is my focus now and in the years to come, but I have posted and will probably post more about cloth diapering, natural foods, and clean living as well.

My husband and I have four children all within 5 years of each other. We are busy homeschooling, homesteading, and homemaking and loving so much of it!

Enjoy and I hope you find something useful here. 🙂

Thanks for hanging out!

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  1. I am planning to use The Good and The Beautiful. Just curious what Math curriculum did you pair with this? Thanks!!

    • My kids are just ahead of The Good & the Beautiful math release 😦 I’ve been using MathUSee for 3 years so I’ll stick with that as it’s working well for all of mine.

    • I’ve also heard really good reviews about the Life of Fred math curriculum. I chose MUS, however, because it’s so much easier to find used so it fits in our budget better.

  2. Hello! I read your review about TGTB and was curious if you were a Christian? I noticed she’s Moromon and was wondering if you noticed anything underlying through out the curriculum that pushes those beliefs? We are Baptist and conservative and I just want to make the right decision. We do My Fathers World but are looking to do her free LA next year 🙂

    • Hello! Thanks for reading! The Good and the Beautiful curriculum is wonderfully written to include values, morals, and creation worldview, but will not offend those who are of different denominations of the Christian faith. I have many friends who are Christians and use this curriculum with no problem. Even the books approved on the book list are free from faith indoctrination. Doctrine is simply not discussed as they believe that specific doctrinal discussions should happen in the individual families. I really think you would like what TGTB offers! And the convention was WONDERFUL too! Nothing doctrinal there either even though probably the majority of the attendees were LDS.

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