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They Call Me Granola


Blogs are supposed to be focused aren’t they?  Like on a particular topic or whatever?  Eh… this Mama of three under three is NOT focused at the moment; yet, I still need an outlet… I still need to write.  So… I’m going to attempt a blog, for what it’s worth.  I need a voice… I need a place to call my own where I can share the things I love.  So, perhaps in that sense, I do have a focus.  I want to be me… and I feel like there is no room for me anymore.  So… perhaps this blog can be me in the meantime!  That is, if i ever find time to write.  I have several ideas “pending” in the recesses of my mixed up brain, but I don’t have time to write them all today.

They call me “Granola”.  Yep… that’s what “they” call me! Oh well… I like being “Granola”… If that means that I try my darnedest to approach life as naturally as possible. I love cloth diapering, making my own baby food, freezer mealing (yes, “freezer meal” is a verb… don’t challenge my grammatical abilities until you go on a two hour freezer meal marathon!), line drying, re-purposeing practically everything I can get for free.  I avoid prescription & OTC drugs as much as possible (as well as the illegal ones!).  I attempt to cook everything from scratch, limit use of household & personal chemical products opting for food based products instead.  I homeschool, and no I’m not perfect, I fail at just about everything before I try try again! … Call me Granola… and if you tell me I can’t do something, I’ll just try anyway! 🙂

Thanks for hanging out!

BTW… I use “…” a lot.  Sorry! 🙂