DIY Unique Built-In Bunk Beds!

DIY Unique Built-In Bunk Beds!

Pregnant with #4 in a three bedroom house, we find it’s time to start stacking kids!  So, this weekend, we built one of two bunks!:)  Here’s the process… not tutorial, sorry.  We had to jump through some pretty unique hoops to build these beds, but if you have a handy husband, maybe you can figure it out too!

The inspiration for this project came from Pinterest – where else!?! Here’s some photos.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit – not sure where the photo is on this site… it’s where Pinterst brought me.

For our “Blueprints” we used Microsoft Publisher.  Did you know that you can zoom waaaaay out in Publisher and create actual life-size to scale “blueprints” of sorts?  You’ll get all your measurements just the way you want them!

Here’s a shot of the empty closet.  I have the top section of a desk stuck up on the shelf for extra shelving.  It’s screwed to the wall.

The kids a re fairly excited for this project to begin!  We’ve been collecting supplies for quite a while & they are more than ready for their “bunk beds”!

Phase 1

Demolition.  The closet was 4 inches too short for the toddler mattresses, so we dug into the wall for the extra space.  On the other side of this wall is a tiny hall coat closet.  We (“we” being my husband with the power tools, and me behind the camera!)… we had to cut through the first layer of drywall, remove the studs, rebuild the wall’s structure, and build the bunks.  Thank God I have a handy husband!

The completed “hole in the wall”… now to remove the studs and rebuild the structure of the wall.

Phase 2:

Construction!  Here’s the bottom bunk frame… about 12″ off the floor to make room for some “drawers” and other storage underneath.

Measuring for the top frame

Installing the top bunk platform… about 30″ from the bottom one.

And then Gramma showed up for a visit and was more than excited to help!  Yeah!

Phase 3:


We scavenged these headboard style shelves out of another shelf I’d found in the thrift store free pile!  This wasn’t in the original “plans” but I’m glad we added them!

Phase 4:

Ladder & Railing

While I was at the store buying some “Hot Mud” (Fast drying drywall mud for all the dents in the wall from the demo part), Jesse built all this for the ladder & railing!

Finished Ladder & Railing

A view of the shelves

Phase 5:

Sanding.  Thankfully a neighbor had an electric sander we could borrow!

Phase 6:

Painting… Almost done!!!

Color #1 Finished

Color #2

Color #2 Done… That means the painting is done!!!!

Phase 7:

Toyboxes… we had two but they were too tall, so Jesse cut them down about 4 inches allowing them to be “drawers” under the bottom bed.

Phase 8:

Bedding and a final photo shoot… and two proud parents!:)  Yeah.

Here’s a view with the entertainment center turned play kitchen (which a friend of mine blogged about in case you’re interested).

BTW:  Test subject #1 says the beds turned out perfect!

We don’t yet have a toddler mattress or bedding set (I love this frog one and this train one!) for the bottom bunk (working on that), so I stole a patio chair cushion from the back yard.  It’ll do as a “reading nook” space until we get a mattress & move LaLa in here!:)

About GranolaMom

They call me “Granola”. Yep… that’s what “they” call me! Oh well… I like being “Granola”… If that means that I try my darnedest to approach life as naturally as possible. I love cloth diapering, making my own baby food, freezer mealing (yes, “freezer meal” is a verb… don’t challenge my grammatical abilities until you go on a two hour freezer meal marathon!), line drying, re-purposeing practically everything I can get for free. I avoid prescription & OTC drugs as much as possible (as well as the illegal ones!). I attempt to cook everything from scratch, limit use of household & personal chemical products opting for food based products instead. I homeschool, and I fail at just about everything before I succeed at some things!… Call me Granola… and if you tell me I can’t do something, I’ll just try anyway!

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  1. You are awesome! I was looking online to see ideas on how to build my sons beds into their closet without having to knock down walls (If thats ever possible in a remodel lol) Thats when I ran into your idea! This is GREAT! Although my sons are 11 & 9 years old & the space we are working with is a little larger than yours I will be applying most of your ideas to ours! I do have a few questions. Is it ok to ask you?? lol
    Thank you so much for sharing,

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  10. I love the design and the closet proportions look like they could be about right to do this in my home as well. If you don’t mind, could you pass along the original closet dimensions? How are the kids liking the bunk beds these days? Thanks so much.

    • Sure! Glad you liked it!
      W 47
      H 33
      D 96

      Do, the width was obviously just a smidgen short for the mattresses, so we just took the drywall out of one end of the closet to gain the couple extra needed inches.

      Kids love the beds actually! They’re fun to sleep and play in! Haha!

      • Stellar, nearly exactly my closet dimensions! I see what you mean about the mattress size – cut into the drywall and use a standard 27″x52″ mattress means you can use standard sheets, waterproofers, etc, or cut a foam mattress to fit your space but then deal with the headache of a non-standard mattress size for the rest of the mattress’ life.

        Your solution sounds like the best option, a little heavier on the construction side but then a lifetime of easier cleaning and maintenance:)

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